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Project Details

Chauncey’s Tectonic® Tiger Oak

Every Picture Media chose Chaunceys Tiger Oak for their new offices which are part of the Paintworks in Bristol – the new artist’s quarter which features a mix of offices and residential homes.

Those behind Paintworks see the project as a genuine attempt to regenerate a mixed use district centred primarily on a sense of community and in so doing provide a model for others to build on elsewhere.

Paintworks say “Considerable effort has gone into the intimacy of the street scene, the public areas and hub spaces. The aim is to show there isAnother Way – a place where “lifestyle” living and working is not just marketing hype, but somewhere people do actually want to live, want to work and want to interact with others.”

The oak flooring and staircase for the Every Media Offices were both constructed in Chaunceys solid Tiger oak flooring with its wonderfully varied colour and grain.

Chaunceys make their Tiger Oak floorboards from PEFC certified timber.