Drummonds, Decorex 2016

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We were delighted to have our favourite luxury bathroom brand, Drummonds, approach us earlier this year looking for flooring for their 2016Decorex stand.  Judging by Drummonds‘ 2015 stand we knew the 2016 display would be a show-stopper.

A collaboration between artist Anna Glover (responsible for the beautiful wallpaper backdrop) and in-house designer Tommy Bendall, the stand showed off the luxurious beauty of Drummonds’ signature English bathroom design whilst highlighting the traditional quality of  their materials and artisanal processes.

For their floors they chose to go with a much darker finish for this years Decorex. Our deep smoked, heavy brushed oak boards contributed to the overall warm, underwater feel of the display.

For more info: Drummonds 
Stand Design by: Drummonds and Anna Glover